Safty Switches
General Duty - Up to 100KA short circuit current rating with proper current limiting fusing - Single phase and 3 phase
Wire Management
Wireway - Wall Duct - Trench Duct
Nema Contactors and Starters
Combination Starters - Contactors - Deplex Motor Starter - Enclosures - Lighting Contactors - Pump Panels
Motor Control Centers
Structure and Unit Features - Merchandised Units General Information - Combination Starters With Motor Circuit Protector
IEC Contactors and Starters
Contactors D-Line , F-Line, K-Line, D and F-Line Motor Starters and Protectors , Overload Relays, Soft Start Module ATS01
Push Buttons and Operator Interface
22 and 30 mm Most Common Complete Operators - 16 mm Push Buttons - 22 mm Push Buttons - 30 mm Push Buttons - Pendant Stations - Compact Pilot Lights
Electronic Sensors and Operator and Machine Cabling
Electronic Sensor and Operator and Machine Cabling
Limit Switches
Basic snap switch withou enclosures with or without operators - Precision oiltight, Plunger style is micrometer adjustable
Pressure, Vacuum, and Float Switches
Industrial - Electro-Mechanical, Commercial - Electro-Mechaniacal, Industrial-Solid State - Electronic Pressure Switch
Relays and Timers
Industrial Relays, General purpose Relays ,Timers and Other relataded products
Terminal Blocks
Track-Mounting Terminal Blocks & Prewired Connectors, Direct-Mounting Terminal Blocks, Circuit Protectors, Power Distribution Blocks (Splitter Blocks), Fuseholders, Cable Ends(Ferrules, Wire Markers)
AC Driver and Soft Starts
For Variable Torque Application, For Constant Torque Application, For Reduced Voltage Control
Automation Products
Programmabel Logic Controller, HMI/SCDA, Distrbuted, Networking Products and Systems